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CodeCanyon - Rocket - Bootstrap Skin
CodeCanyon - Rocket - Bootstrap Skin | 92,4 KB

This is Rocket; a heavily customised and inverted Twitter Bootstrap skin which you can quickly and easily drop into your next project. It will allow you to save time and money for your next website.

Key Features:

  • Inverted, bright and eye-catching Twitter Bootstrap skin
  • Ditching those main-stream rounded corners – Square everything! (Just about!)
  • Google Web Font import ‘Share Tech’ (with backup font, ‘Offside’) for headers
  • No images required to make
  • Perfect base to expand upon (if desired!)
  • New features added if popular enough (So tell your friends!)

CodeCanyon - Green Bootstrap Skin
CodeCanyon - Green Bootstrap Skin | 1,32 MB
Twitter Bootstrap but with a different layout, Green Bootstrap Skin
It is compatible even with future versions of Bootstrap, so you can freely use the original Bootstrap in your projects, then apply Green Bootstrap Skin and green yourself easily :)
The Twitter Bootstrap elements are mostly covered in the Green Bootstrap Skin Customization.

CodeCanyon - Mermaid Bootstrap Skin
CodeCanyon - Mermaid Bootstrap Skin | 132 KB
The very same Twitter Bootstrap but with a different and soft mermaid layout :)
The best feature that I can say is that it’s so compatible with even future versions of Bootstrap, you can easily use the original bootstrap in your projects then insert mermaid bootstrap to over write the original styles and it works perfect :)
Although it’s better to use the mermaid bootstrap instead of the original one (as we don’t know what features bootstrap going to have for its next version!) but we tried to add and over write most of the styles so that if bootstrap got updated and you liked to use the original bootstrap to take advantage of the updated features then you have no worries about ruining your custom style!
Just simply include mermaid bootstrap right after the original one in your HTML files and you’re skin is changed!

CodeCanyon - uSquare v1.6 - Universal responsive grid for Wordpress
CodeCanyon - uSquare v1.6 - Universal responsive grid for Wordpress | 1,15 MB

uSquare is a wordpress responsive squared grid that can display your content in a unique and interesting way. You can use it for displaying team members, products, services, designs, blog posts or anything else that comes to your mind. In our live preview we have included 3 modifications of the original file in order for you to see how uSquare can serve your purpose.

While we developed uSquare responsive grid plugin we carefully thought about its responsive layout. We wanted to make sure that all elements are visible and accessible with all resolutions for responsive layout.

CodeCanyon - jNotify Plugin
CodeCanyon - jNotify Plugin | 74,4 KB
A simple to implement, customize and style plugin to display unobtrusive notifications on your webpages, much like Growl. This plugin features common alerts, dialog prompts, error and success messages.

CodeCanyon - jQuery Context Menu Plugin
CodeCanyon - jQuery Context Menu Plugin | 48,7 KB

Stable and light right click menu for Your website or product!

Easy installation:
<div contextmenu="YOUR_MENU_ID" />
Example menu structure declaration:
var testMenu = new ContextMenu('testMenu');

testMenu.addItem('test', 'My label', 'path/to/ico.png', function (){


  • Unlimited number of menu and menu items.
  • Icons support
  • Automatic menu activation by html attribute (< div contextmenu=”MY_MENU” >)
  • Adding/Removing items
  • Hidding/Showing hidden items
  • Adding/Removing separators
  • Disabling/Enabling items
  • CSS based design
  • Easy to integrate
  • Tested and light jQuery plugin
  • 5 themes included – If You want, You can edit any theme

CodeCanyon - Cpanel Email Creator
CodeCanyon - Cpanel Email Creator | 507 KB
Cpanel Email Creator lets you create an email account just by filling a form without actually login into your Cpanel admin page. Using Cpanel Email Creator, you can provide free email accounts for your visitors. They will be able to create their own email account without your intervention.

RocketTheme - RokWeather v1.9 for Joomla 2.5
RocketTheme - RokWeather v1.9 for Joomla 2.5 | 510 KB
RokWeather is an Ajax-powered weather module which utilizes the Yahoo or Wunderground APIs to display weather data and related information from regions all across the globe.

Included are options to display temperature, climate, wind speed as well as frontend based location user interaction, default location settings and cookie enabling options.

RocketTheme - RokStock v1.5 for joomla 2.5
RocketTheme - RokStock v1.5 for joomla 2.5 | 486 KB
RokStock, is an Ajax-powered stocks module for your site. It has been finely tuned to give stocks character such as a coloured line graph, coloured indexes, draggable indexes, tooltips and much more.

Your users can easily add, remove, and reorder the stock symbols in their portfolio, this is stored locally for them in a cookie. The module fits seamlessly into the template and is perfect for any news site.

RocketTheme - RokTwittie v1.8 for Joomla 2.5
RocketTheme - RokTwittie v1.8 for Joomla 2.5 | 525 KB
RokTwittie is a module that integrates Twitter into your Joomla site. Display tweets of any username, or even by search terms, as well as your profile information and various other elements from Twitter itself. RokTwittie is the perfect compliment to any Social site, or Business site that uses Twitter.

The extension is highly configurable with everything being entirely collapsible and segmented. Only show what you want, whether that is just a twitter feed, or something more substantial with search times and profile information. RokTwittie also uses Twitter's App Authentication service.

CodeCanyon - Calendarize it for WordPress v1.2.1
CodeCanyon - Calendarize it for WordPress v1.2.1 | 958 KB

Welcome to Calendarize It! – a powerful Calendar and Event plugin for WordPress.

There are several great calendar plugins available for WordPress, but most of them target specific industries, or are limited in features. We have tried to create a feature rich Calendar and Event plugin, which targets a very broad audience. We hope you’ll like it!

Take a peek on how Calendarize It! looks live and try for your self how easy it is to use. Simply use the following details to login.

CodeCanyon - WP PRO Advertising System v2.1
CodeCanyon - WP PRO Advertising System v2.1 | 0,98 MB

This Wordpress Plugin allows you to manage your advertisements on your Wordpress site. It has many powerfull features to put advertisements on your website, manage advertisers, campaigns, banners & adzones, track clicks, impressions & CTR all in just a few seconds.

List of Features

  • Manage Advertisers create a profile for each advertiser.

  • Manage Campaigns create multiple advertising campaigns for each advertiser. this way you keep a clean overview over all of your banners.

  • Manage Banners You can choose between 3 options to add banners.
    1. Upload a banner from your computer
    2. Link an external banner
    3. Paste HTML Code (adSense, iframes, ...)
  • Manage Adzones you can place adzones anywhere you want on your websit. As soon as you link a banner to an adzone it will be visible on your site. Adzones can be any size. There are 4 ways to add adzones to your website.
    1. Template tag: this is a function you can include into your template.
    2. Shortcode: this is a shortcode you can use inside your posts/pages.
    3. Widgets: You can use the custom Pro Ads widget to show your ads in your sidebar or widget areas.
    4. Iframes: this function even allows you to take your ads outside of the main website. Now you can place your ads on every website you want but still control them from 1 admin panel!
  • Track statistics keep an overview of how many impressions/clicks your ads get and calculate the CTR for every banner, campaign and advertiser.

  • localization files This plugin uses localization files for translating the plugin to any language.

  • Customize using Add-Ons Add-ons allow you to extend the possibilities of the WP Pro Advertising System. This way you can build an advertising manager just the way you like. No need to worry about stuff you’ll never use. Only add the plugins you really need.
    1. PRO Ad Region Data
      • This plugin allows you to show specific banners to users from sprecific countries.
    2. PRO Ad Buy and Sell
      • This plugin allows you to sell your advertisements spots on your Wordpress site.

RocketTheme - RokNewsPager v1.7 for Joomla 2.5
RocketTheme - RokNewsPager v1.7 for Joomla 2.5 | 454 KB
RokNewsPager is an article previewer and rotator. It displays content articles, in a summarised form and, using mootools based javascript transition, rotates through a series of pages displaying articles in a contracted list format.

RokNewsPager allows you to display a large number of news items and links in a small compact area via its paging functionality and includes a multitude of configuration options and parameters to customize how your news is displayed.

CodeCanyon - PrivateContent - Multilevel Content Plugin v2.33
CodeCanyon - PrivateContent - Multilevel Content Plugin v2.33 | 378 KB
PrivateContent it’s a simple and fast solution to power up your wordpress website by adding a multilevel login, private areas, user private pages and users management features. It’s easy to use and doesn’t require any scripting knowledge!

CodeCanyon - Sidebar & Widget Manager for WordPress v1.2
CodeCanyon - Sidebar & Widget Manager for WordPress v1.2 | 927 KB
This item was updated. See change log at the bottom of the page.

CodeCanyon - Twitter Ultimate-Wordpress Plugin
CodeCanyon - Twitter Ultimate-Wordpress Plugin | 42,7 KB
  • Realtime Twitter Feed-Live Tweets
  • A realtime incoming tweets,live tweets
  • Shortcodes
  • Shortcodes which helps to embed directly into page or post

  • Multiple instances
  • You can have multiple instances of twitter ultimate feed

  • Multiple Query/Username Options
  • You can display tweets from multiple queries or usernames

  • Two types of search
  • You can either display tweets from usernames or tweets mentioning a word

  • Autoplay On/Off
  • Realtime incoming tweets can be disabled/enabled on load
  • Start/Stop Feed
  • Options to start or pause incoming tweets
  • Speed Control Options
    Ability to control speed of incoming tweets
  • Tweets count options
  • Options to control number of tweets to be shown in the feed

  • Width Control options
  • Options to control width of the feed widgets

  • Easily Customizable
  • You can easily customize it.

CodeCanyon - WPSequencer - CSS3 slider constructor for WordPress
CodeCanyon - WPSequencer - CSS3 slider constructor for WordPress | 324 MB
WPSequencer is truly unique WordPress slider plugin. With simple to use drag and drop slider builder you can create stunning animation in minutes. 40+ predefined animation presets and Google fonts support – out of the box!

CodeCanyon - jCountdown Mega Package v1.0
CodeCanyon - jCountdown Mega Package v1.0 | 101 KB

jCountdown is a highly customizable jQuery plugin, you can easily to use it on your site, you can try some different setting at preview page, and check all properties and methods at below


  • timeText (String) – Year/Month/Date Hour:Minute:Second
  • timeZone (Number) – GMT number
  • style (String) – Flip, Slide, Metal or Crystal
  • color (String) – Black or White
  • textGroupSpace – (Number) 0n (unlimited, default 15)
  • textSpace – (Number) 0n (unlimited, default 0)
  • reflection – (Boolean) true or false (default true) (this setting works in Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera and most mobile browser)
  • reflection – Opacity (Number) 0100 (default 10) (this setting works in Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera and most mobile browser)
  • reflection – Blur (Number) 010 (default 0) (this setting works in Firefox, Chrome, Safari and most mobile browser)
  • dayTextNumber – (Number) 2~n (unlimited, default 2)
  • displayDay – (Boolean) true or false (default true)
  • displayHour – (Boolean) true or false (default true)
  • displayMinute – (Boolean) true or false (default true)
  • displaySecond -(Boolean) true or false, (default true)
  • onFinish – (function) execute some script when time’s up

CodeCanyon - Bootstrap & Non-Bootstrap Animated Responsive Pricing Table - Pure Css
CodeCanyon - Bootstrap & Non-Bootstrap Animated Responsive Pricing Table - Pure Css | 323 MB
It is a responsive pricing table which highly customizable. It contains three styles. It has four columns by default, but you can change the columns (sixteen columns are available). The minimal design of the table helps it stands out from other similar design. It fits the page that you are going to use. creative usage of sketches (created by ::before and ::after) and many other features.

CodeCanyon - 5sec Run PHP
CodeCanyon - 5sec Run PHP | 127 KB
  • safely run/execute PHP code in posts, pages, widgets, excerpts and RSS
  • control error reporting globally and on a per-shortcode basis
  • define default shortcode behaviour depending on content area
  • option for formatting PHP code instead of running it
  • default shortcode [php] can be easily changed
  • plugin uses eval()